Thursday, 14 August 2014

Attention HR Managers

A Human Resources Manager I know contacted me asking if I can provide a list of all the fake universities we've encountered in recent years. This manager feels it's time to do a little audit of the qualifications of the staff employed at that organisation.

So here goes, in alphabetical order, a list of all the non-accredited, or straightforward fake "universities" and other "educational" establishments that offer degrees in return for nothing more than cash. These are just the ones that we've covered in recent years. The full list is much, MUCH longer. You can see a Wikipedia page of them here.

You should note that many of these fakes deliberately choose names that are very similar to legitimate, perfectly respectable universities so be careful. All this list does is give you some clues and you should clearly investigate things further to make sure you're confident that a qualification is either genuine or fake.
It's worth doing some checking, don't you think?

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