Thursday, 14 August 2014

Some see reason, others don't - Keslaw Investments

Some companies are just unreasonable.

A member of our Facebook group commented:
"Kindly assist on this one. I took an inverter(for solar power) to a technician and he advised me it had blown 2 capacitors which he advised me to buy. I did. They both cost me P95.00. He advised he would fit. No quotation for the job was raised. My logical assumption was a reasonable charge not more than P200. After fixing, I am slapped with an invoice of P18K.The inverter was imported from China and it cost me USD1600 (P14000 approx). Now to replace 2 capacitors (a fuse) I am made to pay more than its cost. I am held at ransom as I have to pay in order to get the inverter back. I use this for generating power to run the borehole at the farm. Kindly assist Richard as a matter of urgency"
A bill of P18,000 to insert two capacitors worth less than P200 into an inverter that only cost P14,000 to buy originally? Am I missing something?

So I SMSed the guy asking for his side of the story. This is our SMS correspondence in its entirety.

Some people can't see reason.

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