Saturday, 23 August 2014

Healer Nkunumbi - an abuser of women

A crook, liar and abuser of women calling himself "Healer" Nkunumbi managed to sneak past our extensive Facebook group screening process and posted a message in the Consumer Watchdog group, selling his preposterous services.

His claims are certainly extraordinary.
"lost lover, Marriage problems, stop your partner from cheating on you, Men and women who can’t have Babies. Breast, Hips, Bums, penis cream/. Business boost, Penis Enlargement and power in all sizes. Win court cases, promotion at work. Is your situation getting worse? Find us in Gaborone, Botswana
Cell phone: +267 75988645"
The reaction from other members of the group was predictable. A mixture of outrage, surprise and sarcasm:
"This should be illegal"

"Move over you marriage counsellors, fertility specialists, plastic surgeons, business coaches/mentors, lawyers, etc., this Healer Nkunumbi fellow is all that and more."

"Lets see ur penis then we'll know u mean business lol"

"u got to give it to him though,he got balls,of steel nogal,advertising scam on a page that seeks to protect people from scammers,thats like selling weed in a court of law"

"and how did he manage to join this group? shld be arrested"

"This guy has solutions to some of people's biggest problems, he should be the world's richest person!"

"'Penis enlargement & power in all sizes' this 1 kills me,i cnt stop laughing"

"The irony of it is that end of the day not only he doesn't heal anyone but it's the naive people who fall for him that heal his pockets and solve his money problems"
Members of the Consumer Watchdog Facebook group are a smart bunch of skeptics. (They're also extremely good-looking and irresistible to members of their preferred gender.)

So we thought we'd call "Healer" and see what he said. You can hear the 4-minute call made by a colleague who pretended to be having problems conceiving if you click here.

There's nothing surprising here, just the mundane sound of a scumbag criminal about to extort money from a woman he thinks is desperate. That's why I think it's fair to describe him as an abuser of women. Guys, how would you feel if he abused your mother, sister or partner by mistreating them like this? And what exactly is he planning to do when he meets "Lebogang"? Is he going to examine her?

Even though there's a funny side to this nonsense, there's also a much more sinister element to it. We know he's a financial predator but what other type might he be?

Why not give him a call or send him a text message to tell him what you think of him and his services?

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