Tuesday, 19 August 2014

More contempt

This is the entirety of a recent email conversation I had with a guy who had apparently promised to buy a reader a cellphone in the UK. Only the names of the people have been removed.

Clearly some people don't give a damn.

My comments are in blue, his are in red.
"Mon, 4 Aug 2014 18:56:29

I represent a consumer advocacy and support service in Botswana called Consumer Watchdog. We have weekly newspaper columns in local newspapers, The Voice and Mmegi and weekly radio slots on local radio stations GabzFM and DumaFM. You can see more at www.bes.bw and then clicking on Consumer Watchdog, by reading our blog at consumerwatchdogbw.blogspot.com or by joining our Facebook Group at facebook.com/groups/ConsumerWatchdogBW.

We were recently contacted by [name removed] who says she sent you P2,000 to purchase a phone on her behalf. She claims that this has never been delivered. Can you let me know when you will be delivering the phone or a refund?



"4 Aug 2014, at 19:17

Did she mention to you that this purchase of a phone was on a business service basis or entirely a personal basis.
I suggested I would add on to her money and buy her a better phone that what she wanted ,but not a problem let's clarify that as I didn't know that she was a consumer as that may than relate to charges as a business service .
On any not I have never said I will not pay her back.


"Mon, 4 Aug 2014 19:37:21
Hi [name removed]

Many thanks for getting in touch.

I’m not sure whether it matters if it was a business issue or a personal one? Anyway, can you give me an idea of how long it will be before she gets her phone or refund?



"4 Aug 2014, at 19:45

I believe that reporting me to a consumer watchdog it would clearly mean I offered her a business service in getting her a phone,personal and in this case very personal I doubt one would report such at a consumer watchdog .Should I now take what we had personally got into as all business transaction and start invoicing her including assisting her getting to england ..
Anyway let me not batter over this I will get her money soon as possible give me till the 14th.
Do I forward it to you ?


[name removed]"

"Mon, 11 Aug 2014 16:46:48
Hi again

Will you still be able to refund her by the 14th?


"11 Aug 2014, at 17:48

Yes it will still be ,but please tell me again how does consumer watchdog interfere with personal matters?this is simply as being in a relationship she asked for a phone,can you relate?
How do you cover this in a blog?would you put it as some kind of scam put through by individuals or companies in the uk?

On her contacting you what did she say as in how I was to get her the phone.This could be very intersting in that if she came up to and said I was to purchase on behalf of my company as a chargeable service and this comes up in a blog not only would it be fiction....
If personal cases are brought to you as well good grief I have more than 3 ex partners there that still need to pay what's owed to me.

Please do advise ,I belive I have been in contact enough to deserve an honest reply

Kind regards

[name removed]"

"Thu, 14 Aug 2014 22:20:17
Did you refund her the money today?
I’m covering the story in The Voice next week and would welcome your response.

"15 Aug 2014, at 07:56
I didn't get the money paid in by customers there as was meant to be ,sadly I don't have a consumer watch dog to report to ,soon as I get it I will forward it to her ,regarding your story on the voice for her sake I do hope you write what is not fiction in order not to slander
Do you suppose I invoice as well for my services in assisting getting her here as you suggest that may be a contract as well,wasn't sure that for example giving my brother couple of quids to get a round if pints at a pub would be deemed a contract liable to prosecution if not upheld by him.soon as customers from there make their payments I will gladly send her money to her .
[name removed]"

"Tue, 19 Aug 2014 22:40:00Hi again
Have you refunded her money yet?
Someone has contempt. Not for Consumer Watchdog, that genuinely doesn't matter, but what used to be a friend. That's a lot worse.

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