Saturday, 23 August 2014

Fargo University - another fake

Fargo "University". It's the same old story, yet another self-styled "university" that offers fake degrees for nothing other than money.

The clues are in the online conversation I had with them.
Shawn McGill: Hello
[Me]: Hi
Shawn McGill: How are you ?
[Me]: I'm good thanks, and you?
Shawn McGill: I am good thank you.
Shawn McGill: How may I help you ?
[Me]: I need to get a Masters degree in Psychology as soon as possible to get a promotion.
Shawn McGill: Sure
[Me]: Is that possible with Fargo University?
Shawn McGill: What is the highest level of your qualification ? and how much working experience do you have in total ?
Shawn McGill: Yes it is possible
[Me]: I have a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Rochville University and I've been working for 10 years.
Shawn McGill: Great.
Shawn McGill: I believe you are looking for a life experience degree is that right ?
[Me]: Whatever it takes, I really need to get this promotion. The position requires a Masters degree in Psychology.
Shawn McGill: Ok
Shawn McGill: Let me explain you how the life experience program works .
[Me]: How long does it take to get a Masters degree from Fargo University?
Shawn McGill: 20 to 25 days
[Me]: Really? That quickly? Must I sit exams?
Shawn McGill: the program that you will be going through is know as PLA (Prior Learning Assessment)
[Me]: I don't have to sit any exams?
Shawn McGill: no you do not have to attempt any classes , courses or examination you will be awarded with a Master's Degree on basis of your working life experience.
[Me]: How much will this cost?
Shawn McGill: The official fee is $899 but after Appling the 50% Scholarship it will be $450
So for just $450 and no "classes , courses or examination" I can get a fake Masters degree in Psychology.

Anyone who buys one of these degrees is as much of a fraud as this bogus establishment.

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