Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Victech Drilling - another recruitment scam

A reader was suspicious about a company who had offered him a job.
"I would like for you to check out a Canadian company that offered me employment. They initially sent me an email saying that they were hiring and that I should check out their website for available post. I went through the site ant it seemed genuine. I emailed the contact provided on the site, and the sent me an e-interview to fill out, and send my qualifications through. I did that and they sent me an offer letter."
 First clue. This isn't how recruitment companies operate. Genuine recruitment companies don't email strangers out of the blue offering them jobs and they certainly don't hire based solely on "an e-interview" that looks like this:

And they certainly don't offer people they've never met in the flesh a job that includes:

  • $5,700 (P45,000) per month after tax
  • Pension
  • Stock options
  • Child daycare assistance
  • Education assistance
  • Health, dental, life and disability insurance
  • Profit sharing
  • Sick leave
  • 30 working days annual leave per year
  • Flights to and from Canada
  • Free accommodation
  • "Payment of your initial six (6) months upfront salary"
It's just not credible.

This is all a scam, specifically an "advance fee" scam. This is really all about a fee they want up-front. In the small print it says:
"You are to take responsibility for your ICC fees"
That's what it's all about, a fee you have to pay them before you get anything in return. There is no job, no company, no recruiter, nothing about this is genuine apart from the money they want from you.

If you get an email from these people, or any others offering you a fabulously well-paid job, just delete it. Don't waste your time.

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