Saturday, 29 June 2013

And another fake university - Grant Town "University"

Grant Town "University" are fantastically direct. There's no doubt what they're really all about. Money. The opening lines of the conversation say it all.
jwalker: hi
jwalker: How are you ?
Sam: Hi
Sam: Good thanks
Sam: And you?
jwalker: Are you ready to pay ?
jwalker: good too
Sam: Pay?
jwalker: Yes are you ready to pay the fee for degree?
Sam: How quickly can I get one?
jwalker: in just 10 working days
Sam: I need a Masters in Education. How much will that cost me?
jwalker: Ok
jwalker: Master's Degree - $599
Sam: Where do I sit the exams?
jwalker: See this is an experience based program
jwalker: In this we take down your experience and convert that into the credit hours
jwalker: No Classes, No Courses, No Test
jwalker: Simply there is an evaluation process

jwalker: We have 70 Members in our evaluation committee who do a soft background check on you
jwalker: they verify your educational background your working experience
jwalker: And once your evaluation is approved we send you your degree in the next 10-15 working day at your doorstep
Sam: Are you sure my employers will recognise this degree?
jwalker: 100% Guarantee of your degree acceptance
Sam: What if they ask what grades I got?
jwalker: We will give the grade
jwalker: GPA
jwalker: Click to see Samples
jwalker: Do you see that we award each and everything
jwalker: we send you 10 documents
jwalker: Degree 1
jwalker: Transcripts 2
jwalker: Award of Excellence 1
jwalker: Certificate of Distinction 1
jwalker: Certificate of Membership 1
jwalker: Verification Letter 4
There's nothing more to say, is there? Yet another fake establishment selling fake degrees to people who are themselves fakes.

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