Saturday, 29 June 2013

Yet another fake university - Kennedy "University"

All the usual clues but this conversation is enough I think to decide that Kennedy "University" is a fake.
Richard: I need to get a degree in Psychology. How quickly can I do this?
Derek Brown: Which Degree program you're looking to apply for?
Richard: A bachelors degree in Psychology
Derek Brown: Okay1
Derek Brown: May I know what is the last level of your Education?
Richard: I left school with A levels 30 years ago
Derek Brown: Alright!
Derek Brown: How many years of working experience you have in this field of General Psychology?
Richard: I've been working for 30 years since i left school, now as an admin assistant in a HR department.
Derek Brown: Okay! well Mr. Richard, since you're having 30 years of experience in HR, Is there any reason to proceed with the major of Psychology?
Richard: I need to get a promotion and they only promote people with degrees.
Derek Brown: Oh I can understand that.
Richard: How long will I need to study to get a degree?
Derek Brown: Well it's no problem Mr. Richard, Let me explain you how your program will work.
Derek Brown: In this Bachelor's of Psychology there are 24 Courses you need to complete in order to complete your Degree as an International Graduate, But as in your case keeping the valuable amount of working experience you have of 30 years, We will convert your complete working experience into credit hours and have your 24 Courses waived off from your program according to the International Educational Standards.
Richard: Does that mean I don't have to study at all?
Derek Brown: No, It means that you just have to study some of your courses to complete your Degree Program as an International Graduate.
Richard: How long will that take?
Derek Brown: Oh I'm sorry I mentioned 24, It's 20 courses will waived off.
Richard: How do I study these courses? Will you send me the course material?
Derek Brown: In this program there is no Time Restriction or Limitation, It depends on your pace of study, As fast as you complete your courses as fast you will complete your desired Degree Program.
Derek Brown: Once your Registration Process is completed, we will hand you over your Authorize Student ID and Password from where you will be connected to our University's International Student Area, Where you will find your 4 Courses and Complete Study Material to study those courses!
Derek Brown: Are you connected Mr. Richard?
Richard: My problem is that I need the degree very quickly. They say the vacancy I want is to be filled by the end of July.
Derek Brown: Well, that's a quite a long period, Most probably you will have your Official Degree Documents by 3rd week of July maximum.
Richard: How much will this cost?
Richard: And how difficult are the courses? I'm worried that I might not pass them.
Derek Brown: First there is no chance of getting failed in those courses since a counselor will be there with you!
Richard: And the cost?
The President of Kennedy "University"
Derek Brown: Since you know that you will be only covering 4 Courses, Regular Fee for each course is $750, Which makes the total fee of $3000, As it's the end of the month we do have a Presidential Scholarship Discount available. If you complete your Registration Process by today your complete fee will be reduced down to $1200 (you save $1800).
You don't need to know any more, do you?

One little thing. On their web site they proudly show their President, Roger Fernando. Funny that the picture they use is a stock photo that you can see here.

The original photo

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