Friday 28 November 2014

The Voice - Consumer's Voice

Dear Consumer’s Voice #1


Can this be trusted?

Certainly not. Please, don’t “invest” anything with this scheme! “Invest Partnership” is undoubtedly a Ponzi scheme.

Do you remember Eurextrade? This scheme is VERY similar. For instance they claim that you can make 2% interest every day on large “investments”, 1.5% for smaller amounts. On their blog they go even further, claiming that they can offer up to 15% each day. This is simply impossible. No investment scheme can ever offer such returns.

Like all such schemes they give no real clues about how they would make such amazing returns, saying only that they provide “superior investment returns by placing its on Forex market”. Clearly English isn’t their first language.

It’s also curious that they don’t appear to have a physical address, phone number or email address. They claim to have been operating since November 2013 but it’s also curious that their domain name and web page, the only mechanism for investing with them, was only registered on 14th October this year. And guess where it was registered? Panama. Do you remember where Eurextrade was registered? Yes, you guessed it, Panama as well.

Please don’t even think of “investing” your money in this scheme. Do you really want to be another victim?

Dear Consumer’s Voice #2

Please help me get this man to pay back my niece P3,200. The make-up artist did not show up for the second wedding and won't give back the money he was given for the job.

He was supposed to work on the 13th of September 2014 but he never showed up. He had been paid for the work. He has made many promises to pay back but this being the 2nd month we doubt He will be bringing the money back without some encouragement.

I really don’t understand why the wedding business is so full of crooks and shady characters. At least once a week we get a message like yours for someone whose special day has been upset by someone like this guy. Sometimes it’s the caterers, other times the photographers, the dressmakers or a long list of people. I don’t understand why they don’t get that weddings aren’t like most other events. Birthdays, anniversaries, leaving parties, they can all be repeated but you can’t repeat a wedding.

That’s why we’re entitled to expect a much higher level of service with wedding services. We’re should be able to rely on wedding service providers to be better than everyone else, the occasions is too important to mess around.

I contacted this guy and he wasn’t too pleased to hear from me. He SMSed me saying: “Wow. Its a Watchdog issue now. From Aunts calling to watchdog. Well tell her that her refund is processed, it shall reflect in her Account tommorow”. We’ll see if he keeps to his word!

Update: Two days later he paid P1,800 into her account. No sign yet of the remainder but we’ll keep chasing him!

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