Friday 7 November 2014

The Voice - Consumer's Voice

Dear Consumer’s Voice #1

I received an email from Mr Tim who offered me a loan. He said “Hi, My name is Mr Tim. I am a private lender who give out loan to private and corporate individuals. Have you been turned down by so many banks? Do you need finance to establish your business? Do you need finance for the expansion of you business? Or do you need a personal loan? My loan ranges from personal to business loan. My interest rate is very affordable and our loan process is very fast as well. I am very willing to make all your financial troubles a thing of the past.”

Do you think this can be trusted?

Certainly not!

This is the beginning of a scam. Let’s face it, genuine money lenders don’t approach total strangers offering them large amounts of money without having any idea who they are. Genuine lenders also aren’t usually very keen to lend to people who have been “turned down by so many banks”. They prefer safe investments. Genuine lenders also have better English that this guy.

More importantly there’s a simple rule about any financial service you might consider buying. You cannot trust anyone in the financial services industry who runs his to her business from a free email address. This guy “Mr Tim” emailed you from That’s hardly a sign of a reputable company, is it?

We’ve seen many of these emails before and we’ve often responded, pretending to be a potential borrower and every single time there is eventually a demand for us to pay the lender a fee in order to get the loan. In fact there is no loan, just as there is no “Mr Tim”. It’s all the beginning of an “advance fee” scam.

If you get an email like this please just delete it and don’t waste your time responding.

Dear Consumer’s Voice #1

Someone close to me might get schemed. Please check for me if a company by the name TRACK WORLD COURIERS exist. She is saying she’s been expecting a shipment from over sees and now this company called her and told her that they have the parcel and she has to pay to clear it. Please check for us if this is a legitimate company and if indeed they have the Parcel.?

Here we go again. Another victim of a scam.

Let me guess what happened. Your friend met someone on Facebook, a man, probably in his 30s or 40s who was single and without children and who had a highly paid job that involved a lot of travel. Over a few weeks they chatted online, probably every day and because he was so appealing I bet she began to fall for him. He charmed her completely and offered her hope and romance

He then told her that he had to go on a long trip to a faraway country and would be out of touch for a couple of weeks. However he was going to send her a package containing a range of goodies. This package would arrive, he told her, while he was away. Then she received this message from this company claiming that there’s a payment she must make in order to receive the package.

The bad news is that there is no package and no courier company. There isn’t even a boyfriend she met on Facebook. Throughout this period she’s been communicating with a scammer. All he wants is that payment he’s demanding from her. Please make sure that she doesn’t send him any money, she’ll never see it again.

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