Saturday 22 November 2014

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Dear Consumer’s Voice

I need assistance, we bought a laptop from Hi-Fi Corporation late July, early October the laptop failed to charge, it would display a message that says plugged in but not charging. We took it back to the shop, they had said the motherboard had a problem so they were taking it for repairs and they said their turn around time is 21 days. They said they will call within 21 days to notify us of any progress regarding the laptop. They said if it is not fixed in 21 days they will replace it with a new one. After 21 days we went back to shop, and they told us the laptop was still with the supplier, we then demanded a new one as promised, and they said they will get it from the suppliers and we should collect it the following day. When we came the following day we were told we can not get a new one because the repairs company said there was nothing wrong with the laptop. We asked them to check and show us that indeed there was nothing wrong with it and it still displayed the message and it still failed to charge. They took the laptop again, and said they did not know when we will get it back, they still refused to honour their 21 day promise. What should we do here?

It sounds like there’s been a mistake here and it wasn’t you that made it. I like HiFi Corporation’s policy that if something can’t be repaired within 21 days you get a brand new replacement. More stores should adopt this policy.

We contacted the management about this and they promised to look into the situation and confirmed that the policy still stands.

A couple of days later we received the following message from the reader:

“We went back there, the manager was very apologetic and said he was shocked by the treatment we got. We did not get the same brand as it was out of stock. We got a Dell that was P400 more and he gave us P300 discount. We only paid a 100 on top of the P4,200 and got a 4.6 machine. Thank u so much for assisting me.”

Excellent result. HiFi Corporation dealt with the situation with maturity and common sense. I wish more stores would behave like this!

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