Friday 14 November 2014

Virtual training?

We were asked: "Help is this real or another scam?"

We were given a link to a Facebook group for something just called "Online Courses" which links to a web site for "Online Colleges | Online Courses | Online Colleges in the UK".

This site lists a number of "colleges" and facilities that each has its own web site which you can see below:
A little bit of detective work later and something curious emerged. Each of these four establishments have exactly the same address: Cardiff House, Cardiff Road, Barry, CF63 2AW in Wales in the UK. This is what that address looks like:

In fact this is nothing more than an accommodation address, "The Business Centre", which offers a range of business services including "Virtual Offices" which they describe as:
"an extremely cost effective option offering all the benefits of a serviced office without the physical office – simply; a telephone answering service with a business address and access to a range of business support services.
The virtual office service is ideal for those who work from home, or industrial unit or on the road but recognise the value of having a prestigious business address and reception service to create the right impression of your business."
Then there are the companies themselves.
  • London Home Learning. No trace of this company being registered in the UK. Web site registered on 4th December 2013.
  • Oxford Home Study College. Registered as a UK company on 17th December 2013. Web site registered 2 days later.
  • Brentwood Open Learning College. Registered as a UK company on 17th September 2009. Web site registered the day before.
  • Staff Training Solutions. No trace of this being a registered company in the UK. Web site registered on 8th June 2013.
I have no comment to make on the quality of the courses these people offer or their registration with the relevant authorities. All I say is that you can and should judge a company that offers training services by how they operate and the slightly shady way they present themselves.

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