Saturday, 5 November 2016

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Mustn’t they help me?

I bought some stuff at a store at Rail Park Mall but after paying I moved to the door to take a very important phone call but from there I forgot to go back to the till. This was a Friday and the following Monday I went back to the store to find out if they can give me my items or they were aware of my situation. But they just told me to come back the following day when the person who was helping me is around. The next day the same thing happened and I gave up. My sincere question is why can’t they help me since they are part of the team and they should be accountable for everything that goes on inside the shop. This is terrible customer service.

I think you need to give the store a little slack. It’s not their fault that you left your purchases at the till because you were distracted by your very important call, is it?

I suggest that you talk to the store management again and politely ask if they can check their security camera footage to confirm your story about what happened. Most large supermarkets now have security camera systems that record almost everything that happens in the store and this is usually sufficiently high-quality even to see the money that changes hands. They should certainly be able to see your goods left behind at the till.

I think it’s also worth considering your question about whether the staff should “be accountable for everything that goes on inside the shop” as you suggest. Yes, I agree that the staff of a store and the management in particular should be held accountable for any mistakes they make but should they really be held accountable for fixing your mistakes as well?

Can I get my money back?

I bought a bedroom suite in 2007 on hire purchase, which I finished paying in 4 years. Just last year I was phoned by one of the workers and she told me I have over paid by P486 and I should come and claim the amount but this can only be done by of me using the money as a deposit for something in the shop or buying something worth that. I told them I don’t have anything to buy at the time coz I was still engaged in building myself a house and I asked if they can’t deposit the money into my account but they said its not in their policy. Just this year in May I went to the shop only to be told I can no longer claim the money because I took long to come and its like my money has expired. I was later referred to the manager who told me he can’t help me coz the shop have been bought by another company and I asked him where can I get help. He told me the only help that I can get is to call their boss in Gaborone. I asked if I should do that at my own expense he said yes.

I contacted the Manager and he told me I will be helped in a matter of 3 weeks but since then up to today I haven’t had any response. When I phone him he says he will get back to me but he never does. How can u help me???

Can this store get anything right or are they completely useless?

Firstly, the story that they can’t repay you the amount they overcharged you and that you can only use that amount as a deposit towards another purchase? It’s your money and they should just pay it directly into your bank. It’s only P486 so it’s hardly going to cause them hardship. It’s just nonsense.

It’s their policy to do this? Then their policy is nonsense. Policies are great things but they are there to HELP, not to get in the way of treating customers fairly. They’re not meant to be nonsense like this policy. However, I suspect this isn’t even their policy, someone just made that up on the spot because they couldn’t think of another reason to deny you your money. More nonsense.

And then they said that your claim had “expired”? Actually, don’t tell anyone I told you this but this might be true. Debts like this can expire from a legal perspective. After a few years your claim can be “prescribed”, meaning it has expired but that only refers to whether a court will hear the case and I doubt this store wants to get all legal with you over a few hundred bucks.

And if that’s not enough nonsense, they then told you that because the store had been taken over by another company the debt had disappeared? More complete nonsense. And finally they ignore you and don’t give your money? The final nonsense in a catolog of nonsense.

We’ll get in touch with the store and see if they want to continue behaving in such a nonsensical way or if they’d prefer to be sensible.

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