Thursday, 10 November 2016

Consumer Alert: Helping Hands International



9th November 2016

Consumer Alert: Helping Hands International

Consumer Watchdog would like to alert consumers about Helping Hands International, a pyramid scheme actively trying to recruit victims in Botswana.

The proponents of Helping Hands International describe the scheme as a “non governmental organization” attempting to “empower the less privileged people and orphanage homes”. They also claim that joining the scheme will offer “passive income”, new cars, laptops, a “house of your own”, free trips abroad, loans of up to P500,000, scholarships and “residual income for life”.

However, their marketing material states very clearly that recruits are not required to buy or sell any products, saying that there is “no buying of stock” and “no selling”. All that is required is for new recruits to enlist multiple layers of people beneath them.

Helping Hands International is clearly a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme is defined as a mechanism in which any earnings come entirely or primarily from the recruitment of other people and not from the sale of products. This describes Helping Hands International perfectly.

They also claim that the scheme is “supported” by companies such as Hyundai, Apple, HP and Lenovo but there is no evidence of this whatsoever.

Like all pyramid and Ponzi schemes Helping Hands International will eventually collapse, leaving its victims disappointed, embarrassed and poorer.

Consumer Watchdog urges everyone not to waste their time, energy and money in this illegal pyramid scheme.

If consumers are in any doubt they should contact Consumer Watchdog for free advice. We can be reached by phone on 3904582, by email at or by joining our Facebook group, Consumer Watchdog Botswana.

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