Thursday, 14 July 2016

Trévo, yet another MLM. Can it really kill cancer?

Here comes another multi-level Marketing scheme offering wealth and health.

This time it's Trévo, which they say is:
"not just another fruit drink, nor is it just another multi-vitamin. In a world of sugar-filled juice drinks and caffeine-saturated energy shots, Trévo stands alone as a complete health system in one bottle. Containing 174 of nature’s finest nutraceutical ingredients from around the globe, Trévo is unlike any other nutritional supplement you will find on the market. This remarkable formula provides you and your family with a quick, delicious and easy way to restore, renew and revive your bodies."
Sounds good, doesn't it?

As often happens, the manufacturers are cautious. They say that consumers of their product might:
"enjoy increased energy, enhanced mental focus, vibrant good health and even weight management support".
However, they are also cautious. They publish a disclaimer that warns:
"This product is in no way intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease."
Their distributors aren't always as cautious. One in Botswana made some very clear claims on Facebook.

After posting a picture of herself holding a bottle of Trévo she said "Trevo has this weapon!" and posted this image claiming that it can kill cancer:

She also posted this:

Both of these claims are illegal in Botswana. Sections 396-399 of the Penal Code outlaw what are called "prohibited advertisements" that offer treatments for cancer and a range of other illnesses and disorders.

They're also completely without any supporting evidence. None at all. The only detailed endorsement they have comes from a "Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner". So the best they can offer is a proponent of bogus, pseudoscientific nonsense? That says something.

This is really all about a Multi-Level Marketing scheme, a cousin of the pyramid schemes we've come to know. This is how Trévo describe their "monthly commission compression":

What does that look like to you?

 Ok, half of one.

Like all MLMs, only the people at the very top of the pyramid make any money from the scheme. Even the largest ones, Herbalife and Amway, concede this in the income statements they are required to publish.

Please don't waste your time, money and effort either drinking a bogus cancer cure or investing in yet another pyramid-structured Multi-Level Marketing scheme.

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