Monday, 16 July 2018

A phishing attack

In comes an email to the Consumer Watchdog email address, warning about a crisis, demanding that we must sign in to our online email account by clicking on a link to "unlock your account".

However, things are not as they seem. Hover the mouse over the link and you see where the link actually goes.

No, I didn't click on the link because that would just have confirmed that the email address was both valid and in use, inviting more of these attempts. Instead I made up a fake email address and used that instead. This is what came up next (after my computer warned me of the danger).

This is what it's all about, getting the password for this email address. The crooks can them sign in to the real account and who knows what will happen next? You can bet it'll be something bad.

The lesson? It's simple. Don't EVER click on links in emails unless you are CERTAIN you know where the link will take you.

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