Wednesday 14 May 2014

Will you make money from Amway? No.

The evidence is that the VAST majority of people who join a Multi-Level Marketing scheme like Amway or Herbalife don't make any real money from doing so. That's evidence that comes from the income disclosure statements they're required to publish in certain countries.

The latest data from Amway in the UK can be seen here (110k pdf download) and it makes rather poor reading.

The statement reports that on the 30th September 2013 they had 30,415 "Retail Consultants", 13,141, "Certified Retail Consultants" and 81 "Business Consultants". These categories are explained here as follows:
Retail Consultant - "The focus of a Retail Consultant is on developing a customer base through product retailing."
Certified Retail Consultant - "The focus of a CRC is to maintain a solid customer base through product retailing and introduce others to the Amway Business Opportunity."
Business Consultant - "The primary focus of a BC is on expanding the business by supporting and training RCs and CRCs on retailing products and building their Amway business."
The average income figures for these groups were, I'm afraid, rather pathetic.

Retail Consultants had an average income of a mere £42 per month (£504 per year), Certified Retail Consultants averaged only £108 (£1,296 per year) and the very grand Business Consultants only brought in £1,754 each month (£21,048 per year).

For reference the average annual income in the UK is about £26,500.

Remember that these figures refer to income, not profits. They don't take account of the costs involved in running your little business, recruiting people beneath you, electricity and your phone and internet costs.

In short, even in a large economy like that in the UK you're not going to make even the average national wage if you get yourself recruited into the Amway MLM.

Why do you think it would be any more lucrative in Botswana?

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