Friday 16 May 2014

How to deal with a complaint

THIS is how you deal with a complaint.
"On May 9th I bought a fancy cake for a birthday party from Airport Junction Spar. On Saturday May 10th at dinner the cake was presented as dessert with candles lit and a side of ice cream. Thank goodness there was ice cream! The cake was as dry as a bone, and only made palatable by the icing on the cake and the ice cream.

Monday morning I returned to the same Mall to purchase shoes with the young teen for whom the party had been held. Noticing that Spar was open I proceeded to the desk of a man sitting at the front of the store. I detailed my story. I had no bill/receipt to show.

With no ado he turned to the young girl asking if it had been her birthday. “Yes”, was the reply. He turned and taking a rather large slab cake from a table presented her with a replacement, saying to her, “Happy Birthday”. Was she ever delighted. (The cake was shared with her classmates the following day.)

We would like to recommend this manager for recognition and our thanks for going above and beyond."
That's how you do it. Fix it without any nonsense or delay.

VERY well done to the team at Airport Junction Spar for showing us how to do it.

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