Friday 9 May 2014

Another fake university - Mount Lincoln "University"

In comes an email from Best Life Experience Degrees that says I can "Earn an Accredited US Degree in Just 15 Days." It says:
"Why Should I Apply?
  • Recognized and Accredited university degree
  • Receive Documents in just 15 Days
  • No Studies, No Classes, No Exams
  • Very Affordable, No Hefty Fee
  • No Waiting, get approval right away
  • Same Degree Documents as Traditional University Documents
  • Globally Accepted by Employers and Educational Institutions
  • 24/7 Student Support"
I chatted online with a number of their advisors and asked a few questions. Here are the highlights.
"Harvey Brown: How may I help you?
[Me]: I got an email saying I can get a degree without doing any studies. Is this really possible?
Harvey Brown: Yes

[Me]: Which university awards the degree?
Harvey Brown: Mount Lincoln University

[Me]: There is a vacancy I want to apply for in the hospital where I work. The job needs a Masters degree in Psychology. How quickly can I get it from you?
Mike Murphy: with in 20 days

[Me]: So I can get a Masters in Clinical Psychology in a month to help me get the promotion?
Mike Murphy: Yes you can

Mike Murphy: do you know what is the fee ?
[Me]: No, not yet.
Mike Murphy: its $499 but after applying the scholarship discount it would be $399

[Me]: You're sure this will qualify me as a Clinical Psychologist?
Mike Murphy: Yes it will
[Me]: So I can treat patients?
Mike Murphy: Yes"
Of course Mount Lincoln "University" is just as fake as Best Life Experience Degrees. It sells degrees without requiring any studies, exams or coursework and claims to be accredited by bodies that aren't themselves recognised by anyone outside of the fake university world.

I'll make it simple so that every the crooks from Best Life Experience Degrees and Mount Lincoln "University" can understand. Selling a fake degree in a subject like Clinical Psychology when you know that the person buying it will be treating patients is criminally reckless and a danger to the public good. Tarring and feathering would be a mild punishment.

Our advice remains the same as always. If you got a job or a promotion by buying one of these fake qualifications then resign now before you're exposed, fired and then prosecuted for fraud.

You deserve it.

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