Wednesday 31 July 2013

The baby formula issue - an update

We reported recently on the soon-to-expire baby formula issue. Baby formula was on sale in the Clicks pharmacy at Game City that was due to expire on the 8th August, just two weeks later. Each box contained enough formula to last about a month.

The problem is that the first box would have expired halfway through being used and the second, free box would have expired before even being opened. This assumes that the boxes wouldn't have sat on a shelf for a few weeks, purchased because they were a bargain.

The staff at Clicks locally weren't exactly reactive. They haven't even contacted us, despite being given our details. I contacted Click in South Africa about this and still haven't had a formal response from them either.

But it was different with the manufacturer, Aspen Pharmacare. A day after contacting them they were in touch. Their message was simple and clear. They used phrases like:
"This sort of behaviour has not and will not be endorsed by Aspen."

"Our Aspen policy to all our distributors and merchandisers is to remove stock off shelf with a 3 month remaining expiry date."

and that they want to "discuss the steps taken to resolve the matter and prevent future occurrences."
They have promised to "urgently assist with the matter". Much, much better. Much more like the actions of a company that cared about its products being sold properly, being sold safely and being sold in a manner most likely to protect their reputation.

We'll let them know about the other stores not removing the same products from their shelves with 3 months still to go before they expire.

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