Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Advance fee scams are still around

Every time I think that "advance fee" or "419" scams have gone into a decline because "surely everybody knows about them by now, don't they?" there comes a new spate of them. Three in the last week.

This was the latest one. A consumer received the following email. I've highlighted what I think the clues might be that it's a scam (other then the obvious fact that hotels in London just don't recruit like this).
"THE Beaufort Hotel
Head office in UK
Address: 33 Beaufort Gardens
London SW3 1PP, United Kingdom.


Attention Dear Employee,

We are happy to inform you that we receive your details in good faith and we bring to your notice that you have been approved to work in Beaufort Hotel London for five years. You are to stat work as soon as you get your work permit visa from Diplomat Stevin Joes.

Your file has been accepted and we only advice you to contact your Representative officer in New Delhi India for Work Permit Processing to UK.

British Visa Council Division, British High Commission,
17, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Connaught Place
Contact Person: Diplomat Stevin Joes
Telephone: +919250666758
Email: stevin.joes@diplomats.com

Contact him with the below details

(1) Your Two Photographs
(2) Your Phone Number
(3) Your International Passport scan copy
(4) Your Home Address
(5) Copy Of Your Employment Offer

You are to contact Diplomat Stevin Joes now with out any delay to get your work permit, and kindly note that he is the one who will help you to get the work permit in the UK Embassy so you only need to pay for your Work permit visa fee and once your work permit is ready we will send you your Air ticket to Diplomat Stevin Joes and he will send the air ticket and your work permit visa to your present address.

you are also advice to fine the attachment file and forward the documents to Mr. Stevin Joes.

For more inquiry you can call us on +448713159823
Dr.Joseph Benson
Actually it might have been simpler to highlight the parts that were NOT clues that this is a scam.

I took the time to call "Dr Joseph Benson" (on what turned out to be a UK cellphone redirected to Nigeria) and once I finally convinced him that I wasn't actually a potential victim he became unhappy. Very unhappy. So unhappy in fact that he felt the need to suggest that my mother and I were unnaturally close.

The details of this particular scam aren't new. The name of the Beaufort Hotel (a real, top end hotel in London) is this scam isn't new, it's been seen before.

Just because more and more people understand scams like these, that doesn't mean they've gone away. In fact the growth in skepticism just leaves behind a pool of very gullible people who are more at risk than the rest of us. It's up to us skeptics to protect our more gullible family, friends and neighbours.

One final point. Why don't you email the scammer and send him a friendly message?

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