Monday, 22 July 2013

Riverbanks "University" - their fake accreditation

The ridiculous Riverbanks "University" is a peddler of fake qualifications for nothing more than cash. In earlier online conversations they've said things including"
"Its an instant program"
"Its an experience based program"
"The fee for the process will be $298"
"So I get a Masters degree for just $298?"
Like all fake universities they make and imply various claims about their accreditation.

For instance they says on their web site that it they are "accredited by UCAIS". Curiously Riverbanks "University" appears to be the ONLY thing UCAIS has ever accredited.

A little digging shows that the Riverbanks web site was first created on 18th February 2013. Curiously the UCAIS domain was created a couple of weeks later, on 4th March 2013. You don't think they're related, do you?

What's more, in the emails they send out they say things like:
"RiverBanks University Degrees are fully accredited. RiverBanks is a proud member of CAEL."
On their web site they imply the same thing about CAEL.

However, my new friend Rachelle from CAEL says different. She said:
"They have no affiliation to CAEL."
So they're bogus in so many different ways.

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