Friday, 15 June 2012

Royalty7 - an update

Thanks to Kasey Chang for this warning from the Isle of Man, Financial Supervision Commission, who say that Royalty7 is a lying, cheating scam.

Just a reminder. These crooks claim on their web site that:
“We are averaging between 56% to 67% net profit monthly which is around 1.86% to 2.23% interest per day, generated across all our ventures, online and offline.”
No genuine investment scheme can actually achieve this sort of return. If it was possible don’t you think that banks would be doing this? But anyway, how do they claim to earn such enormous profits? They refuse to say which is even MORE suspicious. This is what they say:
“Specific details of our assets location, shares we own, our trading procedure, and business references are classified due to the private nature of our agreements with all parties involved.”
Stay far away from any scheme that claims this sort of thing.


GuyReviews said...

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UK News Reporters called Royalty 7 an outright scam

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hawkeye said...

My last 2 withdrawal requests have been ignored, as with my 2 emails to their "Support". looks like the Russin guy is cashing out now!