Monday, 25 June 2012

Consumer Alert - GPG PLC recruitment scam

A reader sent us an email he'd received offering untold riches. It went like this:
"Dear Fresh Graduates

Our Ref: GF-HR-PM-REG/M04-1986

This is to inform all 2011-2012 fresh graduates students that we are looking for talented people who will support our employment principles and are looking for opportunities that will be challenging.The GPG PLC is reducing organizational complexity, improving operational consistency and changing individual behaviour ‘Our business is based on integrity, professional conduct, reliability, commitment and performance. Our key priorities are safety, people and optimal performance.GPG PLC currently seeks the services of qualified and dedicated applicant with the ability to carry out job functions effectively.

* Do you have any past working experience or skills to work in a IT/ Business/ Engineering?

* Do you have any certification or documentation to prove or show that you have these experiences?

Business Administrator
Computer Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Electronics-Telecommunication Engineer
Inspection Engineer
QA/QC Engineer
Production Manager
Internet Service Expert
Computer Operator
Assistant Manager Front Office
Marketing Adviser
Marketing Manager
Truck Driver
Business Analyst
Account Manager/Account Auditor
Sales/Marketing Officers
Account/Finance Officer/Cashier
Front Desk Attendant/Secretary/
Warehouse/Store Keeper
Security Personnel
Assistant Operations Manager
Project/Site Supervisor
HR Officer
IT Expert

How to Apply

If you fits this criteria kindlly contact us,as we are currently undergoing a recruitment process in our organization.Please forward your CV/Resume to and we will facilitate the recruitment process.

About US

Guinness Peat Group (GPL) plc is an investment holding company with a diversified range of strategic interests in a number of businesses, mainly in Europe and Australasia.

The GPG PLC needs individuals who are enterprising, creative, energetic and eager to accept new responsibilities and challenges. Applicant must be flexible and willing to undertake new assignments.The GPG are in need of staffs within the frameworks of her establishments (both in business , IT and engineering positions); professionals, skilled and unskilled, learned and unlearned, experienced individuals/expatriates or fresh graduates capable of rendering expertise services in various fields.

PACKAGE: Basic salary ranges from 2,950GBP – 14,000GBP monthly dependent on experience level, plus attractive Stock Grant (from day one), Target Bonus (circa 20% at present) and other company benefits. Employment Benefits also includes Accommodation and Feeding. Full summary of the entire package will be couriered to qualified applicant before resumption of duty. Including paid Business Travel.

Various position are still vacant in various department of the company, suitably qualified candidates will be assigned into one of the vacant job positions as soon as recruitment policy is been met. All qualified candidates will be given appointment irrespective of their race, colour, gender, national origin, veteran?s status, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation or citizenship.

Thank you


This is a scam.

The first clue is the reference number. If you do a Google search for "GF-HR-PM-REG/M04-1986" you find other "recruitment companies", sometimes with the same initials but different names, offering the same jobs, even using the same wording in their emails. I suspect they're all fake companies run by the same scammers.

Then there are the salaries and benefits they offer. They're absurd. Also the language used is a clue, phrases like "Accommodation and Feeding" don't sound right. They're also exactly the same words we've seen before in recruitment scams.

Finally real, professional recruitment is not done using Gmail addresses.

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