Monday, 18 June 2012

Moron, sorry, more on Royalty7.

Some more comments on the Royalty7 scam. Clearly Royalty7 and company running the scam, "Finance Your Dreams" are shameless liars and crooks.

See here a warning from the Financial Supervision Commission in the Isle of Man.

See here for a warning from the UK's Financial Services Authority.

See here a news report from the UK's Financial Mail's "ace investigator" Tony Hetherington.

See here for a report from MLM Watchdog.

See here for a report on "MLM - The Whole Truth".

Is that enough for now?


Increase Online Earning said...

i have pending my withdrawal earning with from last 10 days but still not received payment even there is no reply of my email I think now the is going to be scam more than 6 month they have done the fair business but now they have start to snatch money form their members

i have all evidence about my account wtih

Anonymous said...

First I have to say that Royalty7 is not a MLM. It is a HYIP. They are different. They have been paying. At this point they still look good.

Gerald Stidham said...

No doubt, Royalty 7 is now refusing to fulfill withdrawal request and will not return any emails.

Do not join or participate in this opportunity, you will probably get scammed

hawkeye said...

Royalty7 - My last 2 withdrawal requests have been ignored, as are my 2 email enquiries about them. Looks like the scam hgas started! The Russin guy is cashing in at last!