Thursday, 2 February 2012

MUST University - another fake

Another fake university offering degrees for money calls itself "MUST University" and claims to be "the world's largest university". I think not.

While they claim to be legitimate and have even managed to get a press release published on Yahoo, that doesn't actually make them real. What's more they claim to be accredited by the "International Accreditation Organization", itself a fake accreditation body.

I think you can judge them best if you read the following transcript of an online conversation I had with one of their "advisors".
You are now chatting with 'David Boyle'
David Boyle: Hello
Me: I got an email saying I could apply for a scholarship
Me: does this mean i can get a degree?
David Boyle: Yes
Me: how quickly can i get a degree?
David Boyle: this is self pace study
David Boyle: so depends on your pace and progress how soon and quick you wish to complete

Me: i want to get a degree as soon as possible
Me: i need to get a better job
David Boyle: Ok
David Boyle: and how much you can afford to pay

Me: how much would it be to get a degree as quickly as possible?
David Boyle: Pay $1700 rite Now
David Boyle: and that will be your Full and Final Fee
David Boyle: but that you have to pay in one time payment

Me: and how soon can i get the degree?
David Boyle: in 25 working days
Me: can i choose which subject?
David Boyle: Yes
David Boyle: which one you get

Me: including nursing?
David Boyle: Yes you can do that as well
Me: do i need to send you anything else or just the money?
David Boyle: I will complete your application and then you have to Pay $1700 using Credit or Debit Card
Me: and once i've done that i get the degree in nursing?
David Boyle: yes
All I need to do is cough up some cash and I get a Nursing degree. Suspicious enough?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I just finish a chat with them also, similar thing i got
they are really suspicious.
lets us beware!