Thursday, 2 February 2012

The FDH turn up in Namibia. And get shown the door.

You may recall we dealt with a ridiculous attempted scam calling itself the "Fundación Donaciones Humanitarias". They claim to be:
"a humanitarian foundation connected synergistically to multiple non-profit and profit activities and organizations aiming to achieve our mission"
In fact they're a scam.

Their scam is based around the offer of a grant or donation to a developing nation. Through an innocent intermediary they approached the South African Government offering them a grant (not a loan) of, get this, US$800 billion. No, not millions, BILLIONS. That’s more than the entire GDP of South Africa. It's roughly P5 TRILLION.

The staggering amount of money is enough of a clue that this is bogus. Couple that with free email addresses, cell numbers and there being no evidence of them ever donating anything to anyone and you'll understand why I'm suspicious. They claim to be "affiliated" with the United Nations but there's no trace of that either. Nor can I find any evidence to support their claim to be "Interpol cleared the persons involved and also FDH". No, Interpol DO NOT "clear" companies, that's just another lie. I know, I spoke to Interpol.

The scam seems to be operated by the self-styled "Sir Edward Cooper" who I think operates from Hawaii. He is not, in any sense of the word, a knight. Or even a gentleman. He's a scammer.

Now they've been exposed in Namibia as well. A story (in Afrikaans, you might have to use Google Translate) in the yesterday's Republikein newspaper reported that the Namibian Government had rejected this fake donation. They even showed the letter the Namibian Ministry of Finance sent to the FDH's newest patsy.

I think it's very funny.

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