Friday 10 February 2012

I get email. You can be the judge.

I get email from my good friend "Anonymous". I had suggested that two scam "universities", Northern Port and Panworld were probably the same organization because their web sites appeared almost identical.

Anonymous said:
"I visited both websites and it seems like you are wrong about both of them being similar they are quite different in terms of copy, and design."
You should be the judge of this. Take a look for yourself, either at the links above or spot the differences below.

Their home pages:

The headers:

The footers:

The crap in the middle:

And what about the "Case Study" they each give of a successful previous student?

Are these really two independent scams or just one?


Anonymous said...

if you investigate properly you will find a huge scam where a company based in Pakistan is robbing people of thousands of dollars. they have victims in Africa, Middle East, and USA. No law enforcing agency is looking at them. How they can be brought to justice or at least shut down?

lorenz university
corllins university
belford university
headway university
mcford university
must university
northern port university
rochville university

Anonymous said...

The more complete list of fraudulent universities all operating under the same Pakistan owner are listed below:

Ashwood University
Belford University
Corllins University
Cambell State University
Headway University
Hill University
Lorenz University
McFord University
Must University
Northern Port University
Panworld University
Rochville University
Western Advanced Central University
Western Valley Central University
Wilson State University
Woodfield University

Be warned that these online website will take your money and not provide services on their fake degrees.