Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Consumer alert - Global Resettlement Agency

There's no such agency as the "Global Resettlement Agency". It's a scam.

They claim to be "a body of collective international non-profit,relief and development organization", whatever that means. In fact its the usual scammer's dreadful English.

It's not hard to discover that it's a scam.

For instance this is who they say is "Barrister Leslie Coker" who will help you get a visa to enter the USA. Let's ignore the fact that Americans don't call their lawyers "Barristers". That's a term more often used in the UK and former British colonies such as, and this is just a random example, Nigeria?

In fact I think this is more likely to be Don Manzullo who is a Republican congressman from Illinois.

Then there are the usual clues. Free email addresses, fake physical addresses, dreadful English and a demand for payment up-front via, yes, you've guessed it, Western Union.

If you get a message from them, please feel free to ask them about their unnatural interest in farmyard animals.


Kasey Chang said...

Here's the original Dan Mazullo picture they cribbed it from:


Kasey Chang said...

Here's where that picture really came from. They can't hide from TinEye!


julian said...

I have been contacted! I am from Uganda and this blonde lady called Verona contacted me wanting me to relocate to Carlifornia and work with this program (GRA).How foolish, i nearly fell for it. I wondered how an American is willing to help an African come to the USA that easily