Monday 27 December 2010

The World Business Guide - a tip

The World Business Guide is a scam based on a completely worthless so-called business directory that, in theory, allows a business to publicise their business.

The scam is simple. They suggest that entering your company details into the guide is free but hidden in the small print is the €995 real fee.
That's clearly a deception. After giving them your details they then claim you are committed and will hound you with letters, faxes and emails until you pay. They'll also get their lawyers involved, or at least some shark claiming to be a lawyer. Of course you don't ever need to pay because of that original deception. No court anywhere in the world will ever force you to pay these crooks.

What's more their online directory is rubbish. None of the entries in the guide appear in any internet searches. To find an entry you need to search their web site. Even then it's almost impossible to find anything as you must search either by the company's name or the "sector" it's in.

However, there is a way of doing a real search to find all the companies who have registered if you know a little techie trick. Just type % into a field and it will search for everything in the database.

It's just a tip, maybe I should tell the World Business Guide so they can actually provide a service instead of being a bunch of scammers?

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