Wednesday 22 December 2010

Another job scam

A reader contacted us and asked us to check this job advertisement he was sent from the Just Landed web site.
Hi,1 new post in Jobs in Botswana
Posted: 15/12/10 in Jobs: Human Resources/Recruitment in Botswana
Labadi Beech Hotel 1 Labadi By-Pass Labadi Beach, Trade Fair, Accra, Ghana Labadi Beech Hotel, Accra Ghana, requires the services of reputable and devoted workers for the under listed job positions in our newly open branch in London.Qualified persons should send their CV to us immediately for screening and job placement.Note: Application is open to oversea applicant and also the Hotel would assist in procuring visa for oversea Applicant.Bonuses: Free accommodation (one year from resumption… more
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Regards, Just Landed
The usual clues are there, if you look at their detailed advertisement:
  • They give a cellphone number (+233 240 077 631) in Ghana, not a landline number.  That's always a suspicious sign.
  • The "vacancy" is in the "Jobs in Botswana" category but refers to a job in London?
  • They say they are hiring for a "newly open branch in London".  I can find no trace of such a hotel in London.  Besides this, the economic situation is the UK is so bad that they wouldn't be hiring foreigners to work there.
  • They claim that they offer "Bonuses: Free accommodation (one year from resumption date) medical and transportation allowances."  That's just unbelievable.
  • They can't even spell the name of their own hotel: "Labadi Beech Hotel"
I called the number given in the advertisement and the scammer is really not very good at his job.  He couldn't tell me where exactly the "newly open branch in London" is, other than "in North London".

The lesson is simple.  A job offer that seems too good to be true is exactly that.

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