Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The Hyundai saga - is it nearly over? No.

Today was the big day. Our Hyundai-owning reader went to pick up her car from Rustenburg nearly a year after it browk down. After a final argument over money she was able to drive away in her car with someone from Rustenburg to escort her to the border, just in case the impossible happened and she broke down again. Of course that couldn't possibly happen, having been told explicitly that the car wouldn't break down and after all the care and attention it was given in Rustenburg.

Except that's exactly what happened.


Admittedly it was only a fuse that blew and it was repaired quite quickly but this time she managed to get a magnificent 15km from Rustenburg before it stopped.

Is there now any single part of this car that works reliably? Is there any beginning to the talents of the team that worked on this car?

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