Monday, 20 September 2010

Hyundai - a contemptuous email arrives

An email comes in from Hyundai in South Africa:
"I find that we are running around in circles to try and get this matter resolved. It is therefore in short that I would like to advise that Hyundai Automotive South Africa does not have any legal obligation towards a vehicle we did not sell.

It was noted immediately by our representative that went out to inspect the vehicle, that it was not a vehicle imported by Hyundai Automotive South Africa. Nor did I know that this vehicle was not one of ours when I first responded to Ms [removed].

This specific vehicle was traced back to Malaysia where it was scrapped and sent to Botswana and purchased by Ms [removed]. This constitutes a “grey imported” vehicle.
It is against the policy of Hyundai Automotive South Africa to do any repairs to a grey imported vehicle. Our dealers, including Hyundai Botswana, has strict instructions not to work on these vehicles as we cannot guarantee the condition of the internal workings of these vehicles prior coming into our dealership. We pride ourselves in the vehicles we sell and the quality of the vehicles we sell.

Our dealer in Rustenburg is an independent dealer and does not have the means to check whether a vehicle is one of ours or not and therefore offered to repair the vehicle to assist the customer, without being informed that this vehicle was not sold by Hyundai Automotive South Africa.

Loyalty is a two way street, Sir!

With the above in mind, kindly note that this case has been closed on our side.

Kind Regards"
Let's get a few things straight:
  • They pride themselves on the quality of the vehicles they sell?
  • They refuse to repair these quality vehicles if they did not sell them themselves?
  • Their dealer repaired a car that they were not authorised to repair?
  • The dealer does not have the ability to tell whether a vehicle may be repaired or not?
  • The Rustenburg dealer nevertheless DID attempt to repair the vehicle but failed to do so as it broke down on both occasions that the customer came to collect it?
  • The Rustenburg dealer has recently identified new problems with the vehicle that were either not present on the previous occasions when the customer was told it had been repaired and was ready for collection or which have occurred subsequently?
  • The Rustenburg dealer is not willing to give the customer a complete breakdown of the entire costs to date, despite being requested to do so repeatedly?
I think that it's obvious that Hyundai in Rustenburg are not competent.  Hyundai's national systems are clearly not functional.  Hyundai in South Africa may be proud of "the quality of the vehicles we sell" but they clearly have no reason to be proud of the service they offer their customers.

Hyundai South Africa are treating this customer with arrogant contempt.

[Whether her car was an import or not, they took money from her to repair the vehicle. She IS therefore their customer.]

They say that "Loyalty is a two way street, Sir!". Are they prepared to show some to their customer?

They say that "this case has been closed on our side". Please note that it has NOT been closed on our side.

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Anonymous said...

This customer is getting a raw deal. However, if all the facts entered are correct, surely blame lies with the person who sold her the vehicle without informing her that she would not be able to get full Hyundai support.
It seems feasible that the national body has no actual responsibility to cover costs arising from her transaction with the Rustenburg dealer.(I do not feel that their response is as comtemptuous as you seem to think, though the comment about loyalty is out of line.) In some companies with really good customer service they would take in her vehicle, replace it with something of similar value, and make what they could back on the disputed the circumstances prevailing, that might be opening a can of worms.
However, between the customer and the Rustenburg dealer, the money which changed hands surely does make her their customer, and they should be pursued until they come clean....all facts out in the open for evaluation.
Watchdog, Keep up the good work.