Friday, 21 October 2016

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Can Billcoin earn me 80% per month?

I heard of a scheme called Billcoin where you can make 80% interest per month. Have you heard about it and do you think it can be true?

Source: Billcoin Botswana Facebook page
Here’s a simple answer to your question. Any financial scheme that claims you can earn significantly more than you would from your bank’s high-interest saving account is a scam. It’s that simple. 80% each month is definitely in that category.

But this is worth a bit more investigation and comment.

Their web site (which was only registered in February this year) says that Billcoin “is cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange like normal currencies such as USD and RANDS , but designed for the purpose of exchanging digital information through a process made possible by certain principles of cryptography.” It goes on to say that anyone who joins “must very first register towards network to be able to buy IN ADDITION TO sell Billcoins; there is usually the safety measures signal The item must become maintained safe Just as That is another security measure against hackers AND infiltrators.”

Does that seem like the quality of language that would be used by a reputable investment company to you?

On their Facebook page they announce “Botswana we are here to inform you all you will be paid 80% interest pm on platinum BILLCOINS join the investment” but they don’t actually give any clue about how such an amazing interest rate could be obtained, just giving hints about trading in their preposterous bogus “cryptocurrency”.

Like MMM Global, Pipcoin and Onecoin before it, Billcoin is exploiting the widespread public ignorance about the genuine digital currency Bitcoin. In fact, like all others, all they can offer are promises of riches. Like the others Billcoin can only be yet another Ponzi scheme. Any money people might receive will be scraps from the people who join after them. The only people who make money from Ponzi schemes are the crooks who create them.

Please don’t waste your time, money and effort in a scheme that can only cost you a lot of all of those things.

Is Rain International worth joining?

Hey Richard Harriman help me out i want to join this upcoming network marketing company called Rain International. Do you know anything about it? Am asking coz they invited me for a meeting in you in the morning till 2 talking of the products.

I think you all know by now that I am enormously skeptical about all multi-level or “network” marketing schemes. All the evidence from those that are required to publish their recruits’ income figures proves that the vast majority of people recruited into them either make no money or they lose money from the experience. So if the biggest of them don’t make you money, why would you think newer ones will be more successful?

Rain International base their business around two products that they call “Soul” and “Core”. These are seed-based nutritional supplements that they claim are enormously beneficial. They claim one “promotes brain function”, “assists in fat digestion” and offers “improved overall wellness”. They also use the magic word “detoxification”. Here’s another free warning for you. The word “detoxification” is always used to deceive people. There is absolutely no reason ever to take any product to detoxify your body. Your body can do that for itself. Your liver and your kidneys are perfectly equipped to remove all the toxins you might ever have in your body. Spending your hard-earned money on worthless supplements just damages your financial health and has no effect on your physical and emotional health.
Source: Rain International Compensation Plan
(1.2MB pdf download)

Then there’s the multi-level marketing angle. Rain International’s business model is typical of any MLM business. You are encouraged to recruit people beneath you who then recruit others beneath them and so on and so on. Then money flows up the pyramid structure and some of it stays with you. The more people recruited beneath you, the more you make. Except that you don’t.

Given their vague health promises and their pyramid-shaped business model, I urge you to give Rain International a miss. You won’t make money from it, you’ll just waste a lot of money, effort and time.

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