Friday 27 March 2015

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Can I trust her?

I saw a job post on Facebook by a lady from London named Verisuku Lusiana Cawai looking for nanny saying she pays £1,906 saying its P28,164. She asked for my details and referred me to her lawyer Andrew Lewis. They say I must send my passport scan and to travel they pay 80% and I pay 20%, say travelling is £1,200 so I only pay P3,600. She says I should send today and come next week.

Are they to be trusted or are they scammers. Please help me!

This is undoubtedly the beginning of a scam. I’m 100% certain of it.

The first clue is that people don’t really advertise for nannies on Facebook. Real nannies are recruited through specialist agencies. Real nannies need to be highly trusted and thoroughly checked because they’ll be caring for children, often in a foreign country. The parents and the authorities in these countries are very strict about this.

Ask yourself this. Why would someone in London try to recruit a nanny from 8,000km away instead of from her neighbourhood? Why can’t she find a suitable nanny in London? It can’t be because in Botswana we’re seen as cheap labour when they’re offering a salary that high. I suspect it’s because they think we’re gullible and likely to fall for scam. We need to prove them wrong.

What these scammers are looking for is the money they say you should send them for the travel, that P3,600. I guarantee that if you pay them the money they’ll just string you along with more and more demands for money until either you realize you’re being scammed or you just run out of money. They’ll take as much from as they possibly can.

Update: I reported this scammer’s profile to Facebook and it was immediately removed. However, be careful. This scammer will be back with another scam within minutes!

Help me get my phone!

I opened cell phone insurance with a store last year, last week my phone was stolen and I submitted my claim. It took more than a week to get response after I emailed them pleading with them to assist me, I was issued a claim of P4,000, that I have to claim a phone amounting to that amount. I have been looking for the phone of P4,000 the only available phone that I found is around P2,000 and when I ask them they told me that they are not expecting any stock soon so I can take any available phone.

I have been paying enough money to be able to claim a nice phone, so I cannot afford to claim a cheap phone while I have been paying for a nice phone.

Please help me to convince them to either give me money to buy myself my phone or place an order for my phone.

This is tricky. I think that this depends entirely on what the insurance policy says. Does it offer you a “new for old” cost where you get a brand new phone to replace your phone, which I guess is now a year old? Or does the policy say that it covers the replacement value of the phone so it would give you the cost of replacing a year old phone with another year old phone?

Either way you deserve to be given whatever value the insurance policy promised you. Whether the store has phones in stock or not is irrelevant, they owe you whatever the policy says. They have to stick to their side of the agreement, just as they expected you to stick to your side of it.

I suggest that you contact the store and get a copy of the insurance agreement before you do anything else. Let me know what it says.

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