Friday 30 December 2011

More fake degree offers from Northern Port "University"

In comes an email entitled "New Year Greetings and Savings from Northern Port University".
"Dear Richard,

Holiday Greetings!

We, at See If You Qualify for a Degree, appreciates your zest for higher education and acknowledge the constraints that pull you back from realizing your dream of earning an advanced degree. Also, we understand that it will become increasingly difficult for you to pursue higher education in the face of 10% increase in educational cost worldwide in 2012.

To help you overcome the hurdles and pursue your ambition, See If You Qualify for a Degree offers an ideal solution in association with Northern Port University.

With NorthernPort University, you can earn a degree of your choice on the basis of your work/life experience. We will evaluate your outside classroom learning, translate them into academic credits, and award you a globally accredited degree in 2 weeks! What's more, signing up now will get you $200 discount on your preferred degree program. Yes, this is true and is valid till Dec 31st 2011.

Blah, blah, blah."
Is that the quality of English you want from a fake university?

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