Wednesday 14 December 2011

We get another lunatic email from NIIBT

I get an email from the fake Northern Ireland Institute of Business and Technology (NIIBT) threatening me with "the proper procedures of the law" because of my comments in the past. It goes like this:
"Hello Mr Harriman

How are you ? It's been a while. Greetings from Malaysia.
The purpose of this letter is to inform you for the LAST TIME to remove your slanderous claim on me, my work and Northern Institute of Business & Technology before we proceed in using the proper procedures of the law on you and your paper.

Your claims have affected my work and business. We are a registered, recognised and a well establish licensed organization.

My advice to you is that you

1. Remove all writings claiming we are FAKE and my existence as well. I am well and healthy
2. Public apology in your blog FOR ALL YOUR ATTACKS WHICH IS FALSE

This will serve as a FINAL warning to you.

Have a good day

note: you have 24 hours to response


Let's get some facts straight.

"Northern Ireland". The NIIBT has nothing to do with Northern Ireland. The web site claims an address in Belfast, specifically 20 Adelaide Street, Belfast, BT2 8GD. However that's just a business centre where you can rent offices by the hour. You can even rent a "virtual office" where they answer the phone for you with your company name even though you've never been there. They have no real connection to Northern ireland.

"British". They're not registered as a company in the UK. I know, I checked with the UK registrar of companies, Companies House. You can check here for yourself.

Accreditation. They claim to be accredited by "The International Accreditation & Recognition Council" (IARC). This is not a recognised accreditation body.

Staff. There appears to be no trace of any of the academic staff they claim to employ.

Richard Lim. There's no trace of a Richard Lim associated with NIIBT. His credibility is also somewhat undermined by his use of a Gmail address ("") to threaten me.

They're insane. Previous emails from them included things such as:
"Action will be taken against internet terrorist of foul international law."
"FBI and Interpol are alerted on Internet Terrorists: Actions will be taken against internet terrorists soon who foul the international law."
"FBI is watching your uncorrectable behavior. You better watch out!!!"
"To avoid unforeseen serious consequence will come after you"
And Mr Lim's request for removal of my comments and an apology?

What do you think?

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GuyReviews said...

"Greetings from Malaysia" pretty much gave it all away, didn't it?