Saturday, 26 November 2011

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Dear Consumer’s Voice #1

I stumbled over your blog when I was searching for info about Headway University.

You see, a couple of days ago I registered with Woodfield University for a bachelors degree and later same day they called me and gave me some info. I was suspicious for the cheap price and the fact that I did not have to do anything to receive the degree except for paying them.

They sent couple of mail for me to say that they received my info and so on. But then I got one more call from Headway University saying the exact same thing as Woodfield. And they sent me the exact same emails as Woodfield.

So are they the same school or something?

Yes, we’ve commented on Headway University and it’s clear that they are entirely fake. They are nothing more than a web site for a scam company that sells fake degrees. No studying is required and, as you’ve realized, all they want is your money. The fake Headway University claims to be accredited by the "International Accreditation Body for Online Education" which is itself a fake company, presumably set up by the same people that created Headway.

The so-called “Woodfield University” is exactly the same, offering everything from High School Diplomas to Doctorates, the PhDs for a mere $725. They also claim to be accredited by the “Universal Accreditation Agency for Online Education” which is another fake organisation.

Clearly you’ve realised that this “university” is bogus and I urge you not to be tempted to buy a fake degree. Don’t run the risk of being fired or prosecuted!

[P.S. Several people have contacted us about the so-called “Headway University”. There seems to be a hunger for fake degrees. Please don’t take the risk. It’ll be YOU that’s prosecuted, not them.]

Dear Consumer’s Voice #2

I have been renting a house for the past 3 years and have always paid my rent and have taken good care of the property. Before I moved in I paid a security deposit of two months. Every year the rental has increased by 10% and it has reached a level where I can no longer afford it and have therefore have been looking for alternative accommodation. I notified him at the beginning of this month that I would be leaving at the end of the month.

I have always feared that my landlord would never pay me back my security deposit so decided on my own not to the rent for November. My landlord is not amused by this and has this week sent me an email stating that I should vacate his property by the 19th of Nov at 10am. I replied back stating that it is not possible for me to vacate at that time of the month and I can only vacate a week later. In response to this the landlord said I no longer have any right to occupy his property and I should without fail vacate. Can the landlord force me to leave like this? Will I get my deposit back?

One problem is that you are in the wrong by not paying the rent. The landlord is entitled to deduct the amount you owe from the deposit you gave him at the beginning of the lease. I suspect you’ll have trouble getting back anything left from the deposit.

The better news is that he can't just evict you like this. He also has to obey the terms of the lease, even if you are in breach of it. He needs to give you formal notice that you need to leave. Your lease says he must give you a month’s notice and he must stick to that. Even then he can't evict you without a court order. Any efforts by him to force you to leave would be illegal and you should call the police if he tries anything.

I suggest that you put your decision to leave in writing and mention the clause in the lease that mentions the notice period. Make it clear to him in the letter that he can deduct the outstanding rent from the security deposit but that you expect the balance to be repaid. Beware though that he might now be so angry that he'll be difficult. You should also say that you are aware of your rights and will move out on a specific date, in accordance with the notice period.

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