Monday, 21 November 2011

Are TVI Express ignoring laws?

From the Sunday Express in Lesotho:
"The Central Bank of Lesotho (CBL) has again warned the public against investing their monies in a pyramid scheme operated by Travel Ventures International (TVI) Express."
Companies that persistently ignore the law tend to end up with their Directors behind bars.

[Thanks again to Kasey Chang for the news.]


Kasey Chang said...

Ah, but they do end up behind bars... Just not in Botswana... yet

Arrest in China (use translator)

Arrest in South Africa

Arrest in India

Arrest in Indonesia (use translator)

Kasey Chang said...

TVI Express officially convicted as pyramid scheme in Australia, and trio running "TVITeamOz" as pyramid scammers

Kasey Chang said...

FYI, TVI Express scammer convicted of fraud and sentenced to 9 months in Indonesia:
(link is in Indonesian)

The head of the fraud in Indonesia is still at large though.