Monday 28 November 2011

Excellent service from FedEx

From the Consumer Watchdog Facebook Group:
"Verna Ferreira from FedEx has made my day, no my week. What customer service she gave. A little frazzled I walked in to FedEx to ship some Christmas presents off to the States. She came into the reception and spotted me just about to fill in my paperwork. I was greeted with a huge hello and she took the paperwork from me and said she knows my stuff and will fill in the rest for me (quilts take 3 pages of paperwork) All I had to do was sign the pages and give her the addresses. I also did not have quite enough money but had a box about to come to my store on Wednesday so she said she will deal with it, I am a good trusted customer so I can pay for both at the same time. My box went out tonight. On top she will just make sure and track it and advise if there are any problems. What a lovely service. I might add I have not seen her in over a year so she is not a good friend, this was just pure and simple GREAT CUSTOMER RELATIONS."

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Alan Egner said...

I had Fedex bring a parcel up from Joburg a few months back. It took three weeks for me to receive the goods. So well done Fedex, things seem to be on the up and up. I will never use them again for understandable reasons.