Wednesday, 3 August 2011

TVI Express - more investigation in SA

As reported in Legel Brief, the Mercury reports that:
"The Reserve Bank has turned its attentions to what could be one of the biggest 'pyramid schemes' in SA, possibly involving billions, according to a report in The Mercury.

It says Attorney John Kruger confirmed that he had been appointed by the bank as a temporary inspector to investigate TVI Express, also known as Travel Ventures International - an alleged multi-level marketing venture which is outlawed in SA. Kruger had set up a website, asking investors to contact him with details of how much they had invested and which bank account they paid the money into. TVI first reared its head in London, and at one stage there were dozens of franchises operating around the world. According to information on the Internet, the scheme markets the sale of travel vouchers which purportedly give recipients significant discounts for international travel and accommodation. They are bought electronically but, investigations in other countries have shown, have no intrinsic value."


Anonymous said...

I have had a bad experience with TVI Express SA,HAVE MY OWN RESERVATIONS REGARDING THEM

Anonymous said...

still hanging no responce from them despite numerous attempts