Monday 8 August 2011

On air with TVI Express

I had a very amusing experience on radio this morning. After last week's coverage of the TVI Express pyramid scheme, when I reported on it being illegal in Namibia, Georgia, Indonesia and under aggressive investigation in South Africa and Australia, some of the local TVI Express people were very cross indeed and demanded a right of reply.

So they got one this morning. However given that what I'd said was entirely true, their right of reply wasn't unconditional. I was there this morning to respond to some of their comments.

They genuinely seemed confused about what they wanted to say. They described themselves at various points as "investors"and then "not investors", "employees", "directors", "distributors" and "members" of TVI Express.

At one point one of them said that the Bank of Namibia was considering changing their ban in Namibia but changed the subject quickly when two of us pointed out that we'd contacted the Bank who had denied any such thing.

They also ignored the other stories from around the world about TVI Express being declared an illegal  pyramid scheme. At one point they claimed that TVI had been given an award by the Indonesian government but couldn't name the recipient, the award or the agency that had awarded it. They ignored the fact that the Indonesian authorities have apparently banned TVI Express.

The best bit though was when one of them discussed the $250 or P2,100 joining fee and the free holiday you get as a result. That's all there is to it, he said. Well, until he later mentioned (foolishly and for no good reason) the $150 admin fee you need to pay to book a holiday. So it's $400 already. And that's before the travel expenses, the food and drinks bills and any other entertainment expenses you incur.

And, yet again, nobody denied that they are illegal in two of our neighbouring countries.

So nothing new, nothing that might persuade anyone listening that what we've said is untrue.

TVI Express is a pyramid scheme and it should be outlawed.

P.S. I got a message after the show suggesting that one of the TVI Express people was also one of the early adopters of the "Legend Venture" pyramid scheme as well. What a small world!

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GuyReviews said...

Mr. harriman, this is the bogus award they are talking about:

I have exposed it to be a bogus award back in May 2011.