Thursday, 11 August 2011

Cloning scammers?

I think there must be an evil organisation out there cloning scammers and pyramid scheme members.
Here's an example. On a web page calling itself "Consumer Career Trends" there's a picture of a woman and a little girl walking down what looks like the gangplank of a cruise ship. She apparently is "Kelly Richards from Brooklyn, NY" and she's made a fortune from "Home Wealth Solutions", an internet-based Get Rich Quick scheme.

The web page is interesting. It's entirely fake. In fact it's just a single page, nothing more that an advertisement for this scam.

More curious though is that the very same picture appears on several other pages, offering other schemes. She appears here on the "Homestead TV Magazine" page offering "Home Online Jobs".

She also appears here on a page calling itself the "Gaborone JOB REPORT" offering the "Home Cash Generator". No, of course it's nothing to do with Gaborone, that's just the web page knowing from my IP address where in the world I am. If you're in Francistown when you visit the page it will be the "Francistown JOB REPORT" site.

Similarly she's here on the "South-East CAREER TRENDS" page, where she's "Kelly Richards of Gaborone, South-East". She certainly gets around.

Best of all, she also appears on the "South-East Work From Home Report" page where she appears to have assumed a new identity. There she appears as "Tanya Davis".

You don't think these schemes are all scams, do you?


Kasey Chang said...

That picture is actually a generic stock photo from Getty Images. Put the picture URL into and it will tell you where the pictures can be found.

#1DogGroomer said...

I'm super upset as I was truly hoping this was real. I'm also a single mother looking for work and down to my last dollars. It makes me sick that someone preys on people like me whom really needs to make money! I geuss the term" if its a get rich quik its not true. I'm glad I looked up this Kelly Richards before I spent what money I had left! Thank you consumer whatch dog. :)