Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A Women's Day scam

Ironically on International Women's Day, an invitation arrives to fall for a scam! The two-venue conference idea is very common among scammers these days.
The clue is in this sentence:
"All delegates will take care of their feeding and accommodation in the UK as our resources do not cover that."
The full email goes like this:

We at RFWF (Right for women foundation) sends our warn greetings to our entire members worldwide. And with great enthusiasm, we wish to invite individuals, groups,and women focused organization to be part of our forthcoming combined conference with Theme “violence against women and children” taking place in the United States and the United Kingdom .

[Shouldn't that be "Rights", not "Right"?]

The conferences are of two segments.

Firstly, one shall commence in Seattle, Washington , USA . On the 3rd of May till the 6th of May, 2011 at Plestcheeff convention centre 1424 4th Avenue , Seattle , WA 98101

The second segment shall take place in UK and shall commence on the 9th of May till the 12th of May, 2011 at 72 High Street Hamble, Southampton , SO31 4JE

[Massive clue - a two-centre conference on two different continents? Why?]

Through these events, we aim to strengthen the capacity of voluntary sector organizations that are working to influence policy and improve the status of women and also among other things as below.

1. To discuss and understand current proposals on legal aid and the implications for women’s access to justice

2. To re-educate and enlighten women about their rights and also promote
a common goal of building safe, supportive and good communities.

3. To create spaces for the women of the world to acquire the power of collective action, critical dialogue and community organizing to undermine violence against women

4. To equip the adult participants with vital tools and know-how that will aid them in conducting such workshops amongst themselves in their various countries.

5. This seminar will equip you with a better understanding of the way that the proposed changes will affect the women that you work with and enable you to respond to the consultation. Participants will engage in a question and answer session on the current proposals and the potential impact of the proposed changes on women’s access to justice.

We have noticed that this is an incredible means of interacting with different organizations of the world on a particular issue as it affect mankind.

This seminar and debate is open to representatives from voluntary and statutory sector organizations interested in finding out about, and campaigning on, the law and policy related to access to justice and civil legal aid. It is open to women and men and will be publicized widely.

Moreover, funding maybe provided for individuals from qualifying organizations.

Provisions have been made for all delegates to this event, all round tickets,feeding and accommodation in USA by our sponsors. All delegates will take care of their feeding and accommodation in the UK as our resources do not cover that.

Mode of application:

Interested organizations should forward the following information about their organization.

1. Aims and objectives of their organization.

2. Organization profile.

3. Achievements so far.

Only groups with delegates between the numbers of two and ten selected members would be allowed to participate from each of the selected countries. Individuals who do not belong to any organization but are interested to participate should form a group of at least two persons. All participants MUST be part of the two segments or their forms will not be processed.

Send applications now.(candyj2011@gmail.com) [← massive clue - a Gmail address]

Yours Faithfully,

Mrs. Candy Jones"

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