Monday, 14 March 2011

More from NIIBT

A comment arrived from someone calling himself "Richard Lim" and claiming to be the "Senior Manager for International Affairs (marketing & Communication Division)" for the "Northern Ireland Institute of Business and Technology (British)".

My comments are in red.
"To Mr Richard Harriman
Much of your comments on NIIBT is ridiculous and utter nonsense [Evidence?]
Please do your homework before posting your comments. [I did.]
1. We are registered on British Virgin Islands. [So why do you call yourself "British" and use "Northern Ireland" in your name?]
2. We have been operating legally for many years (probably long before you were born) [I'm 46 years old.]
3.Our students have been successful in business and in the work force [Give me the names of FIVE independently traceable students.]
4. our courses are world class (you should sign up and learn ) [You are not accredited by a recognised accreditation body. How can your courses possibly be "world class"?]"
Here some simple questions that I think deserve simple answers:
  1. Why do you call yourselves the "Northern Ireland Institute of Business and Technology (British)" when you have nothing to do with Northern Ireland and you're not British?
  2. Why can I find no trace at all of any of the academic staff you claim to employ?
  3. Why does a Google search for "Richard Lim" and "Northern Ireland Institute" return no results at all? Can you give me an email address that reaches you directly? Do you actually exist?
  4. Why is there no trace of "Dr. R. Hempfing", who you claim is your "President cum Chairman of Board of Examiners"?
  5. Likewise for "Dr. E.C Kow", who you claim is your "Director-General cum Senior Examiner"?
  6. Why do you claim accreditation from a body that is not entitled to accredit anyone or anything?
  7. Why have you (hilariously) threatened me with the FBI and now Interpol rather than answer any of these questions?
Finally, while I was writing this another email arrived from them which just said:
"Devil will never win."
Errrr, yeah, whatever. I don't think there's much point arguing any more.

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Okei said...

Thanks a lot for your professional expose of NIIBT. I got to your site trying to verify NIIBT excessive claims. Please advise me on Cambridge International College (CIC)'s awards. Can possession of their BBA enable one to pursue an MBA from a recognized university?