Monday, 14 March 2011

I'm an internet terrorist

So says the "Northern Ireland Institute of Business and Technology (British)", a educational establishment that claims it is "Internationally Accredited and Recognized by International Accreditation and Recognition Council, Australia".

They neglect to point out that this is an unaccredited accreditation body.  For balance you can see NIIBT's web site here.

Their email goes like this. I haven't changed a thing, other than to remove someone's name. Do you think someone didn't take their medication this morning?
"Dear [name removed],

From the beginning, we sensed that you had been used by the internet terrorist Richard Harriman. Our sixth senses were accurate.

We noted that you had passed the information to him. He then twist and turn the contents aiming to destroy the good reputation of NIIBT (British). It is rather unethical.

The British is great.

Northern Ireland Institute of Business and Technology (British) is registered with the government of British V. Islands. British V. Islands are British Crown Territory. Northern Ireland Institute of Business and Technology (British) courses are fully accredited and recognized by the International Accreditation & Recognition Council, Australia. International Accreditation & Recognition council is one of the World Quality Assessment and Accreditations.

NIIB(British) is a genuine establishment providing comprehensive education training by distance learning, home study, open distance education and research activities in the field of education. It provides training people from unemployment to professionals from professionals to businessmen. An internet terrorist Richard Harriman should not discredit our genuine services to mankind.

Richard Harriman comment is totally baseless, misleading and lying.

He even rudely comments that he would go bald and a tooth drops out. You may tell him that the people of Botswana will cheer if he would boil his mini bald cannon and two flat balls until both of them drop off.
Do you think Richard Harriman is an accredited blogger? The answer is no. The public suspected that he is a modern internet terrorist. The Interpol Police are watching him with an eagle eye.
The public urge you to distant yourself from Richard Harriman because his actions tell the public that he is an anti European, anti American and anti Asian. He has been classified as an internet terrorist by international community. His action is liable to invite disaster to mankind and unrest to the country.

The Interpol police would take action against anyone who runs foul of the law. They are monitoring closely on the internet terrorist (Richard) activity. Warn him to stay away from this unproductive, unpopular and very stupid and indecent job.

Strongly urge him to remove all the slanderous and defamation remarks on so many establishments in Europe, USA, Asia and many regions around the world from his illegal blog immediately.

Hello, Richard, can you behave yourself and learn more from Madam Theresa than terrorism


Debra said...

The English used is very poor indeed. This is enough for me. I would not trust them on any level.

Alan Egner said...

So Richard is a terrorist then. He runs an unaccredited illegal blog that is being closely watched by a gang of scammers in Malaysia. This is so funny and it really boggles the mind to think these amateurs manage to con people out of their money. If anyone is stupid enough to fall for this phoney college's claims of legitimacy, they deserve what they get. A useless piece of paper that no employer in the world would recognise.