Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Someone doesn't like me

The "Northern Ireland Institute of Business and Technology (British)" (NIIBT) doesn't like me.

A reader approached them and asked them about the comments we made about them in the press and on this blog.

They responded by saying:
"For the interest of students worldwide, our Director-General had responded and posted it onto Consumer Watchdog in Botswana. Our Director-General informed us that the blogger called Richard dare not publish the write up and removed it from the Consumer Watchdog blog because Richard allegations were unfound and lying and misled the people of Botswana."
I assume they're referring to the rather incoherent comment I received from them and which I partially published here? So I "dare not publish the write up" and I have "removed it". Sorry, not true. My comments are still there.

They continued:
"NIIBT (British) is an accredited institution"
Actually that's true. However they are "accredited" by a fake accreditation body (the “International Accreditation and Recognition Council”) so that doesn't really count, does it?

They also claim that:
"The British Government would not tolerate any institutions in British Crown territory to sell the qualifications for profit. Therefore, it was very wrong for Richard to allege that NIIBT is selling their MBA degree."
The British Government has nothing to do with it. They might claim to be based in both the UK and Ireland but in fact they operate from Malaysia. And that business about "British Crown territory"? Try telling an Irish or Malaysian citizen that they're governed by the British Crown and see their reaction. Stand back first.

And as for that bit about them not selling their degrees? In the same email they include this phrase:
"Kindly complete the admission form and send it with payment via T.T or demand draft payable to Victoria Business Centre, P.O. Box l48, 80710 Johor Bahru, Johor, West Malaysia."
Here are some simple facts about the NIIBT that they don't seem to deny.
  • They have no genuine accreditation.
  • They're not registered as a company in the UK.
  • They claim to have a campus in Dublin but they're not even registered as a company there.
  • The business name they use includes the word "British" but they don't exist in any part of the UK.
  • None of the people listed on their web site appear to really exist.
This is the same bunch that sent me an email which said:
"Richard. FBI is watching your uncorrectable behavior. You better watch out!!!"
and later:
"To avoid unforeseen serious consequence will come after you; you are urged to remove the slanderous comment on us from your consumer Watchdog blog.  You are warned not to use the slanderous article as the cover for your Watchdog blog."
Sorry NIIBT, my comments are still here and they're staying until you show a sign of becoming a legitimate educational establishment.

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