Tuesday, 15 February 2011

JB Sports - their response

I offered JB Sports a complete and uncensored right of reply to our recent reports. This is available to anyone we criticise. So long as you're as polite as we are to you, you can send us a comment, a criticism or better still a solution to a consumer's problem and we guarantee to publish it with equal prominence to whatever we've said.

This is what JB Sports said:
"We have displayed our company return policy on cash sale purchase at the main counter in every shop.

Customers must read this policy before they decide to buy anything in the shop. If they are not happy with the policy they should not buy. We do not force anybody to buy our products in the shop. The store manager behaved exactly like what is mentioned in the policy. According to the company policy any defective item will be replaced after getting the report on damage from the respective supplier and the item should be brought back to the shop within 10 days from the date of purchase.

To get the report we need to send the defective item to the supplier for verification and hence we request the customers to leave the damaged item with store manager. In this case customer refused to leave the item with the store manager.

If the customer brings the shoe back to the shop we will send it to the supplier and based on the recommendation from the supplier we will act on the matter.

In most cases we give customers new shoes or the customers can chose any other item for that money.

We sell only branded shoes and they are guaranteed but customers have to follow the procedure."
This should be in The Voice later this week. Tell me honestly, what's your reaction?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

First, someone from JB Sports needs to write proper English. This response is so immature and close to sounding like a terrible standard 4 essay.That put aside, the company is seriously displaying an act of corporate arrogance, particularly by stating...''We do not force anybody to buy our products in the shop.'' Rightly so...but by putting u a store in a mall and bombarding passersby with flyers you are enticing people to come and make purchases at your shop. That alone is telling a consumer its okay to buy your products (including the disposable shoes you sold that client, but failed to tell him/her that they are disposable).

They are simply their 'Policy' as a rationale for the mean service they showed towards that poor client. That is so common with companies fail to educate their consumers. Policy this ,policy that...just words that this author failed put in a comprehensible substance in his/her response.

i will NEVER buy anything from JB Sport, and would encourage everyone to to the same.