Thursday, 10 February 2011

The fake "Northern Ireland Institute of Business & Technology"

We commented on this very suspicious educational establishment late last year, explaining that they are a fake "institute".

They didn't enjoy being exposed so they got in touch with a very long, rambling email that didn't actually address any of my criticisms so there's no point in posting it all.  However here are a few highlights (with my comments in italics):
"Northern Ireland Institute of Business and Technology (British) is incorporated in British Crown Territory" (This means precisely nothing. What does "British Crown Territory" mean?)

"NIIBT intend to maintain the prestigious business campus in Ireland". (Rubbish, they don't even have a campus in Ireland, they don't even EXIST in Ireland.)
My response to them went as follows:
"I received the following comment via the Consumer Watchdog blog site.

Unfortunately I doubt I'll be publishing the comment as it doesn't address any of the points I raised in the article.

It fails to address your fake accreditation, the appalling quality of English you use and your failure to give any traceable contact details outside Malaysia.

You fail to address the fact that you call yourself the "Northern Ireland Institute of Business and Technology" but claim to be based in the Republic of Ireland. However there appears to be no trace of you at the address you give. Similarly the addresses you give in Malaysia are both no more than a post boxes.

You sometimes give your company name as "Northern Ireland Institute Of Business And Technology (British)" but there is no trace in the UK Companies Register of your existence. Similarly no such company has been registered in the Republic of Ireland. Nor do you appear in either of these country's phone directories.

Curiously there IS an entry in the Irish companies register for the "Royal Ireland Institute of Business and Technology" which you also appear to operate but that company was dissolved in 2008.

So, while I thank you for your comments I don't feel any need to change anything I've written."
They're fake, avoid them.

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