Friday 13 November 2009

The Bizz Awards - More lies?

Hi again Franck

Just a brief response to one of your comments in your email of 9th November.  You said:
"I sent you information, there was a list of member companies of last years. I think the information was transparent, but why can´t you just contact them"
I followed your suggestion and I contacted just one of the companies who featured in your list.  The list included: "MICROSOFT DE GUATEMALA, S.A. Guatemala" and "MICROSOFT LATIN AMERICA".

Also the WorldCOB "Other members" web page includes the Microsoft logo as follows:

I received an email from Microsoft Latin America's PR Manager this morning which stated: "I can confirm that Microsoft Latin America is not a “member” nor support this organization in any way."

Franck, is this yet another "mistake" or is it in fact just a lie?



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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your website. I am a business owner in the United States and I too have been contacted by them saying I won the 'award'. I have never heard of them so it seemed very suspicious when they said they are the 'most important business award in the world'. I searched them and found you, among a few others.

Now that I have learned this information, the next step for me is to report them to the BBB. Which they say accredits them? For what, well, the only thing the BBB accredits is that they don't currently have any complaints, and you are correct, they DO NOT endorse them in any way. Just like Microsoft!!

Another interesting point, the UN Global Compact is an organization in which ANY company can participate. Far from an accreditation for an award.